Tool Maintenance

  • Remove Debris Cup from the Nosepiece.

  • Remove Nosepiece from the Reset Sleeve.  Use the included wrenches for assistance as necessary.

  • Slide the Spacer off the threads of the Nosepiece as necessary.

  • Remove the base from the tool.

  • Slide the Firing Spring off the tool.  Note the Buffer is attached to the end of the Firing Spring (NTS101-9).  Check condition of Firing Spring and Buffer.

  • Slide off the Outer Cover Sleeve.

  • Depress the Reset Spring (NTS5X-11) to collapse the Reset Sleeve.  This will loosen the Main Assembly Pin and allow it to be removed from the tool.

  • Slide the Main Firing Assembly from the main body of the tool.

  • Depress the Trigger Ball to compress the Trigger Ball Spring and slide the Firing Pin Assembly from the Firing Pin Guide.

  • Keep pressure over the Trigger Ball to hold it in place while removing the assembly.  Releasing the Trigger Ball may cause it to spring up.

  • Once the Firing Pin Assembly has been removed from the Guide, slowly release the Trigger Ball and remove it from the Firing Pin Holder.

  • To remove the Firing Pin, use the provided firing pin punch and knock out the 1/8” Roll Pin.

Download the Tool Disassembly Instructions here.


NITROSET® Tool Cleaning Procedure

  • It is recommended that the NITROSET® tool be cleaned every day after use. Proper maintenance and cleaning of the tool enables the tool to operate at peak performance.
  • First, be sure all fastener assemblies and debris are ejected from the tool by resetting it pointed away from yourself or any bystanders.
  • Remove the muzzle by unscrewing it from the tool shank. Then, remove the end cap and disassemble the entire tool following the tool disassembly instructions.
  • Empty the debris cup.
  • To clean, use a diluted industrial degreaser or cleaner similar to Strike-Hold (provided in tool kit) or other similar non-oil base degreaser to spray or wipe the tool surface and threads. Allow contact time of 3 to 5 minutes before scrubbing. Wipe off excess cleaning agent and allow tool to fully dry before reassembly.
  • Re-assemble the tool. For long term storage, thread the nosepiece halfway to prevent debris build up from forming rust on the fine thread.

Interim Cleaning Procedure

  • Empty the debris cup after every 500 fastenings, or as needed to optimize performance.
  • A liquid shot of degreaser lubricant at approximately every 500 to 1000 fastenings is recommended to maintain a smooth operation.
  • This will help tool performance and actuating consistency, making your end-of-day cleaning easier.
  • Assemble Firing Pin (NTS101-4) into Firing Pin Holder using the 1/8″ Roll Pin (NTS101-8).

  • Insert Trigger Ball Spring (NTS101-5) into Trigger Ball (NTS101-7) and place into the Holder.

  • Slide complete Firing Assembly into the Guide while depressing the Trigger Ball until it clicks into the Guide.

  • Insert Guide and Holder through the Reset Sleeve.  Attach Reset Spring (NTS5X-11) to Reset Sleeve.

  • Insert Reset Sleeve into the Trigger Body.  Make sure the trigger key on the body aligns properly with the Trigger Ball.

  • Insert Main Assembly Pin (NTS5X-12).  Ensure coils of the Reset Sleeve are all above the pin.

  • Slide Outer Cover Sleeve over the Trigger Body.

  • Insert the Firing Spring (NTS101-9) with the Buffer attached over the Holder.

  • Attach the End Cap of the tool.

  • Secure the Debris Cup to the Nosepiece.

  • Slide appropriate Spacer onto the Nosepiece.

  • Secure the complete Nosepiece Assembly onto the Reset Sleeve.

Download the Tool Assembly Instructions here.